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BMA – The Best Decision I Made.

We started working with Dennis shortly after opening our business in 1985. Since that time, we have gone through many changes. It’s great to know that any problem is just a phone call away from getting resolved and they always answer the phone.

One call to BMA is all it takes. They pick up the pieces and get the job done in a very reasonable amount of time. More importantly, when they’re finished it’s done. Things don’t have to be tweaked – they don’t have to be adjusted – they don’t have to be reprogrammed –  they don’t need anything –  it works well from the start.

What would I say to another business owner looking for an IT Provider? Choose BMA, it was the best decision I made.

Randy Nageotte

American Automotive

Unheard of – An IT Company Who Listens!

Our business depends on our technology and our IT support so we can be productive and deliver to our clients. BMA Enterprises fulfills and understands our needs.  They are knowledgeable and always find the best solutions to fit OUR needs. Plus, they respond quickly and never leave us hanging.

Before finding BMA for our IT support, we worked with many other IT companies who did not listen to us. They wanted us to use something that we knew would not work and we bent to their will. BMA has never put us in the corner. What a pleasure to work with people who understand the importance of a business relationship.

If you are a business who needs excellent service, smart solutions and no hassles from an IT company, I would tell you to call BMA right now!

Mary Gill


They always worked until we were 100% totally satisfied!

As the Practice Administrator, I worked with BMA for more than 20 years.  During that time, we expanded our offices, switched EHRs, changed telephone systems and implemented many new systems to meet the ever changing needs of the medical industry. Dennis was an essential member of the team and always sought to come up with the most cost efficient and strategically strong solutions to enhance our operations.

There are many technical issues medical practices face these days, we were fortunate to have BMA provide guidance and support services for all our needs – without the “Geek Speak” other companies like to use to impress you. If we had a question or problem with computers, network circuits, telephones, partner integrations, new requirements or anything else – we just called BMA. Each time, we were always made to feel as if we were the only client! Service Service Service!

If you are a medical practice looking for experienced, responsive and cost-effective solutions, I HIGHLY recommend BMA. They always worked until we were 100% totally satisfied.

Ginna Zell


BMA Gets It Done, Period.

For over 32 years I depended on Dennis Wiltshire and his company in building and maintaining our IT infrastructure for my growing my medical practice with eventually multiple office locations. BMA was exceptionally quick, personal and gave us detailed answers to issues and worked with us to think strategically.

Their follow through on working on new technical innovations or adjustments was consistent and high quality. One of many examples was the design and implementation of a new electronic laboratory system to integrate outside lab results, in-house lab results, communication of results to providers and patients, and appropriate charges and billing. It was a massive job as our lab had thousands of tests and very office specific procedures. The system they implemented helped us make millions of dollars.

If a fellow doctor or practice were to ask for my recommendation, it would be this: BMA will get it done. Not choosing them is a missed opportunity!

Dr. Arthur A. Rubin, retired

Work with BMA for just a couple of months and you will see why they are different.

Working with BMA is unlike working with any other IT company we have worked with.  From their on the spot responsiveness to their very broad depth of knowledge, we have never known a job that they could not accomplish.

When comparing BMA to other IT firms there’s one thing that stands out – Quality, period.  The quality of the people and their work is second to none.  With so many firms out there holding themselves out to be “IT” –  BMA is one that is the standard bearer for what an IT firm should be.

If you are looking for a quality IT firm for your business, I’d say – work with BMA for just a couple of months and you will see why they are different!

John Moore
VPN Soulutions, Inc.

There is no reason to hesitate.

Since I have been with the practice, we have always worked with BMA Enterprises.  Their willingness to collaborate on ideas and expand our IT infrastructure is just one of the things that separates BMA from other IT firms.

In the medical industry, we frequently need to respond to changes very quickly.  BMA has always provided quick turnaround for projects that help us meet desired timelines.

If you’re looking for an IT provider to support your medical practice, there is No Reason To Hesitate. They are thorough  and as capable of any larger firm, while being to be attentive to even the smallest detail.

Jason Gibson
Ballston Urgent Care

I believe they are capable of handling ANY technical problem.

Having worked with BMA for over 20 years, I can say the biggest benefit is having a team of knowledgeable staff and their quick response to resolving all of our IT issues.  They are efficient and very professional!

There has never been an issue they couldn’t address.  I believe they are capable of handling ANY technical problem.  They diagnose the issue immediately and quickly find a resolution that meets (or exceeds) our requirements.

For those companies looking for an IT provider – You’re about to inherit a highly experienced  IT Company that will free your staff of handling your technical problems and increase productivity.

Juliet Singh
General Internal Medicine Group


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