Are your phones ringing off the hook with check-ins?

Are patients constantly being placed on hold or getting busy signals?

We’ve got the answer!


I‘m Herea NEW way to allow patients to check-in from the safety and convenience of their car.
When your staff is ready for them to enter your facility – simply click a button and we’ll notify them.


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Want to see how easy it is to use I’m Here?

Watch our short video and see for yourself how easy it is for both your patients and your staff.  From check-in to dashboard to “We’re ready” – I’m Here is simple and efficient.

Reduce your phone call volume and increase patient safety and convenience.



Eliminate more than half your phone call volume


Track which patient's are waiting


Simple Notification System


Client Specific Notification Messages


Custom Questions Option

If you’re looking for a more convenient – easy-to-use – and cost effective system, give us a call.  We’re so sure you’ll reduce calls and have an easier time with check-ins, we guarantee it.

I’m Here Check-In System

How it Works

  • Simply add a button on your website to your custom I’m Here site
  • Patient’s complete the Check-In form from the safety and convenience of their car
  • Staff now has a list of waiting patients on the Dashboard
  • When ready, staff clicks the Notify link and we send a custom text message to the patient that you are ready for them to enter the facility

Questionnaire Option

  • Patients can complete your COVID-19 questions during the check-in process
  • Speeds up the entry process
  • More convenient for your patients and your staff


  • Reduced call volume
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Documented COVID-19 questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we implement – I’m Here?

We can get started right away.  In some cases, you can be using I’m Here in a matter of hours.  If you want to use the Questionnaire feature, we will need a list of the questions and answer types – which may take a day to complete.

What happens if the notification isn’t delivered?

In rare cases, SMS messages may fail.  If that happens, you can resend the notifcation or call the patient.  The phone number is on the dashboard in case you need it.

How do patients get to the check-in page?

From a Check-In button on your site.  Simply add a new Check-In button prominently on your home page.

No Long Term Contracts?

That’s right – we won’t lock you into long term contracts. If you’re not completely happy with I’m Here, simply give us 30 days notice of cancellation.

We have several COVID-19 questions we’d like each patient to answer. Can I’m Here customize the questions?

ABSOLUTELY. Just send us the questions and answer types (Y/N, Pull Down Options, Text Boxes, etc). and we’ll create a custom questionaire for your patients to complete during the check-in process.  Patients love the added convenience and safety of answering them from the comfort of their car rather than standing at the door and using “community pens”.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 15 days of using I’m Here, simply contact us for a FULL REFUND.

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