Patient Portal Solutions

Patient Engagement

Research shows that when patients are able to see their own health data, they gain ownership of their own wellness and are better prepared to interact with their providers about their care. – Patient EngagementHit

Our Portal

Our Patient Portal software allows the patient to have access to much of their medical information, all through a secure webpage. With Patient Portal you can schedule appointments, look at your medications, view clinical data and lab results, look at your account balance, and much more.

Customize To Fit Your Practice

Here at BMA Enterprises, Inc., we will customize Patient Portal to match the look and feel of your practice as well as meet the needs of your patients. The features of our Patient Portal can be modified to the standards of your facility, and match the workflow of your staff.

Overiew of Features

Schedule Appointments


View Medications

Access Clinical Data

View lab results/dictations

View secure documents

Message your physician

Secure Messages

We understand that the line of communication between doctor and patient is very important. That’s why we have incorporated a secure messaging system into our Patient Portal, where you the patient can send their concerns electronically, or even complete their whole visit through our software.

Billing Information and Payments

Patient Portal also allows patients to pay for any outsanding balances online. Patients can view their charges and make payments through our system securely.