Automated Communication System

Reduce No Shows

ACS provides a cost-effective way to increase patient visits. Patients are notified a few days in advance of upcoming appointments. If cancellations are necessary, the practice has time to fill those available appointments and increase revenue.

Increase Staff Productivity

Stop wasting staff hours on reminder calls. ACS provides an automated system to notify patients of their upcoming appointments. Simply export your appointment list from your EHR system, upload it to ACS and start the calls. It takes just a few minutes a day. Staff are now able to handle other productive tasks and have more time for patient interaction.

ACS makes your appointment reminder calls at a fraction of the cost. No additional phone lines or dedicated system needed.

Quick, Simple, Easy


Create your call file

or export from your exisiting appointement system

Upload to ACS

No special software requried. Upload directly from anywhere with your favorite browser.

Start Your Calls!

That’s it. ACS takes care of the rest!

Hear a sample Call!

Quick, Simple, Easy

ACS is completely web-driven. You don’t need to purchase expensive hardware or conduct special training. If you can surf the web, you can use ACS.

Keep Business Lines Free

ACS is a hosted service, allowing you to keep important business lines free for new appointments or other patient and business related communications.

Quick Setup

Most accounts can be set up in days. Record your appointment reminder message in your own voice or type your message and let our text to voice recognition system produce a quality announcement.

Use the savings calculator and see how much you would save!