Medical Software

Hospitalist Management System (HMS)

Hospitalists have become increasingly popular in today’s medical world as fewer Primary Care providers have the time to care for hospital based patients. This increased popularity has created a number of challenges in managing many of the Hospitalist Groups today.

Automated Communication System (ACS)

ACS is completely web-driven. You don’t need to purchase expensive hardware or conduct special training. If you can surf the web, you can use ACS.

Increase staff productivity while keeping business lines free with ACS.

Patient Portal

Our Patient Portal software allows the patient to have access to much of their medical information, all through a secure webpage. With Patient Portal you can schedule appointments, look at your medications, view clinical data and lab results, look at your account balance, and much more.

Why use BMA Enterprises for your Medical Software needs?

BMA has considerable knowledge in the medical software industry.¬† We have years of experience working with several of EHR systems. Whether you’re looking for one of our complimentary applications such as ACS, a managment platform such as HMS, or other integration or data mining needs – BMA can provide¬†COST EFFECTIVE¬†solutions to get the job done.

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