Managed Services Program

Keep your business running smoothly and let us handle the technical headaches.

Managed Support Services Northern Virginia

Technology is a wonderful thing – when it works.  When something doesn’t, it can create significant issues for businesses of all sizes.  Computers, printers, telephones, internet, email – all require regular maintenance and specialized training.  System downtime can lead to significant productivity loss and customer dissatisfaction.

Our Managed Services Program (MSP) is designed to provide business of all sizes the resources necessary to minimize downtime and provide quick resolution to any issues that do arise – all at an affordable, flat monthly rate. Finally IT budgeting that makes sense.



With three program levels, every business can find the right service offering to meet their existing and future needs.


Outsourced IT Help Desk Advantages


Many businesses waste precious time, energy, and resources trying to establish an in-house IT team in order to minimize costs. Unfortunately this solution doesn’t offer the experience, skills, and solutions that’ll be productive and cost-effective when compared to the MSP services performed by our dedicated IT staff.  Businesses throughout the Stafford, Prince William, Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and surrounding areas have recognized that proactive management  and quick response to issues that arise are key to making their organizations more profitable.


Our professional staff is ready to answer your call.  In some cases, we may already be aware of the problem before you pick up and phone and are working on a resolution.  With clients throughout the Richmond to Northern Virginia area, we monitor network connections and hear of pending problems others may be having and can respond much more quickly than an in-house staff member that needs to be taken away from the work they were hired for.

With BMA’s Managed Services Programs, one call is all you need to make.

We recognize that each business is unique.  That’s why we offer 3 levels of service to small and mid-sized businesses throughout the Fredericksburg, Stafford, Woodbridge and Northern Virginia areas.

A-la-carte Essential Services

This MSP program allows the client to select which services they are most interested in.  This is typically for those looking to address a specific need such as managed anti-virus, email filtering, etc.  This is frequently called “break-fix” support where proactive services are not requested.  When an issue arises, we are called to assess the situation and begin implementing a solution.

This is an excellent option for cost conscious businesses but can lead to business interruptions.  Frequently businesses that start out with the Essentials program ultimately move to the Proactive level in order to minimize downtime and improve productivity.

Proactive Services

Our most popular service level is the Proactive Services level.  This level provides a comprehensive monitoring and management solutions for most businesses. In addition to centralized anti-virus, patch management, nightly backups and more – this MSP level includes real time monitoring of systems and network performance.

Unlimited Help Desk support is included with the Proactive Service. Whether the problem is a printer issue, internet issue, security issue or something else, call us.  We are the first point of contact for any problem.

Comprehensive Plan

Our Comprehensive Plan is designed for the business that desires a complete out-sourced IT department.  In addition to all of the features of our Proactive Plan, this level offers high level IT management designed to maximize your business’ potential. Known to some  as a Virtual CIO prorgam, you receive our highly skilled business analysts for all your business needs.

Hardware costs are never a concern with our Comprehensive Plan.  We will replace all computers, monitors, printers, networking gear, etc. every three years. The Comprehensive Plan also includes our highest level of backup and disaster recovery ensuring your business is protected in the event of a significant hardware failure or ransomware attack that would otherwise cause most businesses to close their doors forever.

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