Vendor Management

Vendor Management

Many businesses have long standing relationships with their vendors but seldom take the time to review existing contracts or look at other alternatives.  This is especially important for internet and telephone vendors where multi-year contracts exist.  Frequently those contracts can be renegotiated at lower rates even before the contract period ends.

BMA Enterprises will schedule routine reviews of existing contracts and determine if better terms or increased services would benefit our clients. We’ll also place and monitor any orders or changes to services taking the burden off your staff.



Managing multiple technology vendors is a time-consuming process distracting from core business and operations.

How can BMA provide value with our vendor management program?

Contract Review

All too often you evaluate multiple vendors and ultimately settle on a multi-year contract.  Unfortunately, reviewing those contracts may be time consuming and fall through the cracks in your business schedule.

We’ll review your contract and provide options for lower costs and/or increased services when appropriate.

Our Relationships

BMA will maintain a list of contracts, expiration dates. contact information and more.  Should you have a question or need service for a technical issue, simply call us and we will initiate the support ticket.  Our staff will monitor the ticket until a resolution is complete.

Service Orders / Maintenance

Need to upgrade service? Having an outage? Want to check the status of an order?

No problem – call us.  We will place and monitor all orders and service tickets on your behalf.